Holly’s Asparagus Rolls

Holly became a friend of ours while on a dig in the sands of forgotten Egypt. We were deep in the desert sifting through an old kitchen from some long forgotten third millennium B.C. line cook and on a slab of hieroglyphics was this recipe. The original is hanging in the National Museum of Egyptian Asparagus located in the Dakhla Oasis. A smuggled copy (rubbing) was brought to our attention over tea at the Royal Order of Asparagaceae in London. It’s delicious, please enjoy and pay it forward.

4 sheets of phyllo pastry
4 Tb. butter, melted
16 asparagus spears, trimmed

Serves 2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut the phylo sheets in half and brush a half sheet with melted butter.

Fold one corner of the sheet down to the bottom edge to form a wedge shape.

Lay 4 asparagus spears on top at the longest edge and roll up toward the shortest edge.

Continue with rest of asparagus/phyllo to make 3 more rolls.

Lay rolls on a greased baking sheet. Brush with remaining melted butter and bake for 8 minutes (until golden brown).





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