Keith the Elders Charoset (apple chutney)

Keith the Elder, his clan was great, his word was law, and his Charoset was created to elicit sweetness during the sacrifice. It is said that during the great Exodus, Keith the Elder contrived this dish to enlighten the Chosen 6000. Apples from the groves they tended had been brought along, walnuts traded from the Persians, cinnamon from the seafarers of Greece, and sugar from the nomadic Hindus who weaved their way along the routes of the caravans. Passed down from tribe member to tribe member over thousands of years, this recipe is taken out of the remembrance book and a delicacy is once again put forth. Thanks to our ancestors, your sacrifices were not in vain.

Three-quarter cup of walnuts
One-quarter of a large Granny Smith apple
Splash of a light red wine to moisten
Two teaspoons cinnamon
Two teaspoons sugar

Mince the tart apple and the walnuts. Moisten with the light red wine and flavor with cinnamon and sugar. The consistency should be that of mortar. This will last up to three days, refrigerated.





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